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About us

Teach Millions was born out of the realisation that Nordic edtech could be harnessed to bring Nordic learning to the World. During the lockdown of 2020, edtech companies from the 8 Nordic-Baltic countries came together to offer their solutions to users for free.


In 2021, Teach Millions has relaunched as a global marketplace for Nordic edtech solutions.


With in-depth knowledge of our ecosystem and of market segment needs, we bring solutions and customers together with the best learning solutions our region has to offer.


History and frame

Teach millions started as an expression of a Nordic EdTech Community – Edtechs and knowledge service providers from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Denmark that came together.

The Nordic Edtech Community shares the values and traditions of equality, democracy, motivational learning, and a strong sense of community. In recognition of our privileged position in the world we understand our obligation to reach out and help as best we can.

In the Nordic Edtech Community, we know that distance learning is not just about digitization. For that reason you’ll be able to find some of the best Nordic knowledge service providers that are here to help. Teach millions presents support at both strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Teach millions is more than the ambition to contribute during lockdowns due to the Corona pandemic. We’re here for the long run. With a strong sense of community – there is much more to come!


Peter Fagerström Co-Founder and CEO


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